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Complete guide to Bookkeeping Cycle

Learn how to quickly perform a full accounting cycle by applying the express method. =

This lesson is for accountants who are only interested in bookkeeping and financial report, bypassing the non-essentials procedures.

Scope: Accounts Setup, Product Setup, Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice, Bills, Receivables, Payables, Journal Entries, Reconciliation, Closing Period.
Excludes: Sales Order, Purchase Order, Order Processing, Reporting.

Sales Order Process

This is a short, step-by-step demonstration on how to use sales order. From customer Purchase Order until Receivable Knock-off.

Unlike directly creating Sales Invoice, Sales Order offers benefits of issuing progressive invoices, keeping track of customer order, managing changes, and fulfillment of customer deliveries.

See Advanced Order Processing for more on Inventory and Production on demand processes.

Scope: Creating Sales Order, Creating Sales Invoice, Receiving Payments only.
Excludes: Fulfillment Invoice/Production, Sales Delivery, Sales Quotation.

Advance Order Processing

Comprehensive lessons on how inventory allocation works and how it fits into the larger order fulfillment processes. This lessons covers 3 fulfillment type: Ready stock, Purchase on demand, Product on demand,

Scope: Invoicing, Sales Order, Stock allocation, Complete Procurement Cycle, Bill of materials, Manufacture Order, Batch Order, Sales Delivery.
Excludes: Setup, Sales basics, Inventory basics